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Liat, a young woman from a traditional home, seeks independence and a new identity while she fixes up her rooftop apartment in Jerusalem. Liat has left home partly to distance herself from the heavy traditions her father has always imposed upon her.

Whether she likes it or not, a day before the fast of Yom Kippur, her father and his Kapparot (ATONEMENT) ritual are determined to follow her to her new home


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Director: Keren Hakak
Screenwriter: Keren Hakak
Editor: Esther Siton-Katz
Cast: Einat Tzuriya , Menachem Shrem
  • Promising Director – Religion Today Film Festival, Trento


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  • The generation gap: traditional parents whose children seek modernity and freedom.
  • The Kapparot ceremony and the Jerusalem rooftop apartment: each in their own way an expression of Jewish identity. What does one have to offer
    to the other?
  • Fathers and daughters: protectiveness, conflict, negotiation and affection.
  • Embracing independence: new lifestyle choices for Israeli single women from Sephardic families.
  • The Jewish year: the power behind a particular date on the Jewish calendar.
  • Traditional observance in our children – when should parents no longer be involved – or are they always involved?

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