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Short Film, Big Story

Maaleh VOD is the film and podcast website of The Maaleh Film School in Jerusalem.

Maaleh graduate films and content are available On Demand for a fee. We invite you to enjoy – every viewing here contributes to financing the next student production and strengthens the work of Maaleh. Happy watching and thank you!

Part of Maaleh’s uniqueness lies in the encouragement of its students to create a contemporary, artistic, personal statement that draws inspiration from Jewish sources and Israeli culture. As a result, the graduate films bring unique and diverse voices to the screen, voices that color the Israeli film and television industry and inform productions like Srugim, The Executioner, The Unorthodox, Shtisel, Shabbnikim, and others.

בחורה מכסה את עיניו של בחור

Graduate films are short films made by our students in a variety of genres – narrative, documentary, comedy and experimental. All are suitable for family viewing. Many of these have been screened at festivals around the world, and some are award winners.

Because they are between 10 and 30 minutes in length, the films can be used to trigger discussions in the classroom/community setting, and indeed many educators around the world use them as a resource. In addition to the films themselves, we are happy to share Filminars™ (pre-recorded professional film lectures) for educators or as quality viewing for the general public. See more on the “Video Podcast” page.

Maaleh can also reach out to you in your community – The school offers a variety of Live events which can be held online using Zoom, or at the school’s auditorium, or at other venues in Israel. These events are suitable for a variety of occasions and audiences.

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