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Accessibility Statement

We believe that the Internet should be accessible to every person, regardless of circumstances and ability. To accomplish this, we strive to adhere as strictly as possible to the Level AA Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Adherence to these guidelines helps us ensure that the site is accessible to all people: blind people, people with motor disabilities, visual impairment, epilepsy, color blindness, cognitive disabilities, etc.


  1. The Maaleh VOD website has been developed in accordance with the requirements of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Regulations (Accessibility Adjustments to the Service), 2013 and in accordance with the recommendations for accessibility of WCAG website content (2.0).
  2. The site is written semantically, with accepted HTML tags and content hierarchy. In addition, the site incorporates ARIA (richly accessible web applications) features to ensure that blind users visiting screen readers can read, understand and enjoy the site’s functions.
  3. Images contain ALT (alternate text) tags that provide clear and simple information about the content of the image.
  4. Forms are constructed semantically, with fieldset, and label features.
  5. Links can be easily identified by a different color and by interaction when a mouse moves.
  6. All links contain semantic content.
  7. The content is adapted for all popular screen readers including JAWS and NVDA.
  8. The site is adapted for keyboard navigation: this includes the ability to navigate the site using the Tab and Shift + Tab keys, to activate menus and selection of fields with the arrow keys and to close them using Esc. It also includes activating buttons and links using the Enter key,
  9. One may navigate between radio components and check box using the arrow keys, and fill them in using the space bar or the Enter key.
  10. Keyboard users will find menus for quick navigation and content skipping.
  11. Users with hearing aids may experience headaches or other problems due to automatic audio playback. This site does not have any automatic audio enabled.
  12. In all the videos on the site, subtitles for the hard of hearing are attached.
  13. Animations – Users with epilepsy may be affected by video, flicker, jitter and animations. The site does not contain animations, background video or flickers. Some movies have jitters that are not adapted for users with epilepsy.
  14. The colors on the site are contrasting and allow visually impaired users to use the site (white text contrast ratio on a black background: 21: 1. Red text contrast ratio on a black background: 5.7: 1. Gray text contrast ratio on a black background: 7.37: 1 ).
  15. Adaptation for users with color blindness – when color is used to provide an indication (for example – green for success and red for error) there is also a verbal indication.
  16. The text size running throughout the site is 22px. This is a convenient size to read for most users. Users who need a larger font can “zoom in” through the browser without problems browsing or overlapping texts.

Customized features using the accessibility interface

  1. There are some elements that are not accessible by default. To this end, we have created an accessibility interface which allows people with specific disabilities to adapt the site and design it to their personal needs. Accessibility options are accessed by pressing the blue accessibility button with the wheelchair icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. The custom settings are stored on the user’s device for 30 days, so there is no need to redefine them every day. These are the customization options enabled to provide a great user experience for each user:
  3. Color profile adjustments – The site is designed so that the colors on it are always contrasting and easy to read. Users who still want to change the color profile can choose between high contrast mode, reverse contrast and light background.
  4. Highlighting links – Users can choose to highlight underlined links to make them more visible.
  5. Writing – Most of the texts on the site are submitted in a “anonymous” font in regular weight, which meets all accessibility requirements. However, the titles on the site are displayed in a narrow font, which some users may have difficulty reading. User can select the accessibility interface in an accessible font in order to replace the headings for the font with proportions that are especially suitable for visually impaired users.

Browser compatibility and technology support

  1. We strive to support the widest range of browsers and assistive technologies as much as possible so that our users can choose the tools that are most appropriate for them, with as few limitations as possible.
  2. The website is supported in all browsers that make up over 95% of the user market share including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera and Microsoft Edge, JAWS and NVDA (screen readers), both for Windows and MAC users.

Accessibility arrangements by The Maaleh Film School

  1. Through the website, user can order movie events, which can be held at the Maaleh Film School facility in Jerusalem.
  2. The Maaleh facility is suitable for every person, regardless of physical and/or mental limitation.
  3. The buildings and rooms in the facility are also accessible to traffic via elevators and/or ramps.
  4. If you have a special need be it motor, vision or hearing – do not hesitate to contact us, and we will make sure that the facility is suitable for you.

Comments, remarks and feedback

Despite the many efforts we have made to enable everyone to adapt the site to his/her needs, there may still be pages or sections that are not fully accessible, that are in the process of being made accessible or for which there is no adequate technological solution to make them accessible.
If you have found a problem, if you have difficulty using any aspect of the site or if you have ideas for improvement, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us directly via the following email:, or by mail:

The Maaleh Film School
20 Shivtei Israel Street
Jerusalem 9510541

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