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Screenwriter and Director David Shore

Meet the Masters at Maaleh: Screenwriter and Director David Shore (“House”, “The Good Doctor”, and more), in conversation with Director Omri Levy, Academic Director at The Maaleh Film School.

  • On his writing process
  • What is his personal connection to the world of medicine?
  • The impact of Netflix on the industry as a whole
  • Why was screenwriter David Kelly the model for his inspiration?
  • How have his dismissals benefited his career?
  • And more…

Video Podcast will be available for 24 hours

Featured Guests:

פורטרט של דיויד שור

David Shore

David Shore is a screenwriter, winner of the Emmy Award for Best Screenplay for the series “Dr. House”


פורטרט של עמרי לוי

Omri Levy

Omri Levy is an Israeli director and screenwriter. His first film “Miss Entebbe” won commendations at the Berlin Film Festival and the Jerusalem Film Festival. Levy initiated and directed the International Festival of Children and Youth Films at the Jerusalem Cinematheque. He currently serves as Academic Director at the Maaleh Film School in Jerusalem.


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