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Screenwriter and director David Mamet

Meet the Masters at Maaleh: Screenwriter and director David Mamet (“House of Games”, “The Untouchables”, etc.), in a conversation with Yair Raveh, screenwriter and film critic.

  • On the transition from acting to writing and then directing
  • The impact of politics on his career
  • On the presence of ‘truth and falsehood’ in his films
  • Why does a screenwriter have to write about provocative topics?
  • Did Bible study affect his writing?
  • And more…

Video Podcast will be available for 24 hours

Featured Guests:

פורטרט של דייויד מאמט

David Mamet

David Allen Mamet is a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, screenwriter, writer, director and Jewish-American film producer. He was twice nominated for an Oscar for his screenplays "The Judgment" and "Wagging the Dog".


פורטרט של יאיר רווה

Yair Raveh

Yair Raveh is one of Israel's leading film critics and journalists, a Scriptwriter and a film-school teacher at Ma'aleh.


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