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Director Mano Khalil

Meet the Masters at Maaleh:
The exiled Syrian director Mano Khalil (“Neighbors”, “Die Schwalbe”, “The Beekeeper”, etc.), in a conversation with director Benjamin Friedenberg, director of The Jerusalem Filmmakers Guild

  • about the desire to help the Kurdish people through filmmaking.
  • about the complex relationship between a director and those filmed in a documentary.
  • about the script he has waited for 25 years since finishing his studies.
  • about the ability to criticize in films despite political censorship.
  • And more…

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Featured Guests:


Mano Khalil

Mano Khalil is a Kurdish-Swiss director. Khalil studied law in Damascus, Syria. Just before the fall of the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe, he studied filmmaking in Czechoslovakia and then worked on Slovak television as a director and writer. Since 1996 he is living in Switzerland and has directed documentaries and feature films, most of which deal with the lives of people from Kurdistan and those living there today.


Benjamin Freidenberg

Benjamin Freidenberg

Benjamin Freidenber is a Film director and cinema studies scholar, lecturer at the Maaleh film school, CEO and Founder of Jerusalem Filmmakers Guild.


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