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Author and Screenwriter Ron Leshem

Meet the Masters at Maaleh: Writer and screenwriter Ron Leshem (“Beaufort”, “Valley of Tears:, etc.), in a conversation with Yair Raveh, screenwriter and film critic.

  • About creating the “Valley of Tears” series
  • How does a ‘writing room’ work in Hollywood?
  • What is the biggest mistake screenwriters make?
  • Why does a screenwriter have to develop several ideas at the same time?
  • On the joint work with the creator Joseph Cedar.
  • Why is “writing a screenplay” not the exact term to describe the screenwriter’s role?
  • And more…

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Featured Guests:

פורטרט של רון לשם

Ron Leshem

Ron Leshem is an Israeli writer and journalist. He won the Sapir Prize for Literature for the novel "If There is a Paradise" – from this book came the script of the film "Beaufort". He is a co-creator of the series “Valley of Tears”, and co-wrote with director Yaron Zilberman the screenplay for the film “Incitement”, which won the Ophir Award for Best Feature Film.


פורטרט של יאיר רווה

Yair Raveh

Yair Raveh is one of Israel's leading film critics and journalists, a Scriptwriter and a film-school teacher at Ma'aleh.


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