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A lyrical, poetic look at the women’s section of the Western Wall.
Judaism, Christianity, piety and secularism appear at the wall night and day, rain or shine. With a hypnotic and stylized cinematography, the director uncovers moments of passion, yearning, regret and the search for God.



Maaleh has created a ‘Filminar’ – a film with presentation based on Tehila Raanan’s film “Wall, Crevice, Tear”. Filmmaker and teacher, Katie Green leads the viewer to the Kotel through this beautiful film adding historical and cultural notes to deepen the understanding of this ancient landmark.

Until August 18, 2024, anyone who orders “Wall, Crevice, Tear” will automatically receive a link to the filminar, via E-mail, at no additional cost.

The filminar (26 min) is in English and without subtitles.



Film will be available for 24 hours

Director: Tehila Raanan
Producer: Tehila Raanan
Screenwriter: Tehila Raanan
Cinematographer: Tehila Raanan
Music: Jonathan Bar Giora
  • Best Documentary – Christian Film Festival, USA



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wall crevice tear MOVIE POSTER

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