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In the Israel of the nineties, Sami is the young son of Jewish Tunisian immigrants. Sami feels belittled by the attention lavished on his younger brother, Yudeh.

One day the father insists that Sami take his brother to a movie. What follows will profoundly alter the two boys forever.

A movie about Jewish mythology, Dybbuk and Coming of Age


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Director: Ariel Pariente
Producer: Baruch Rosenstein
Screenwriter: Ariel Pariente
Cinematographer: Yonatan Shehoah
Editor: Aner Tausig
  • Best Student Film – Near Nazareth Film Festvial
  • Best Drama – Maaleh Graduation Awards


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  • Family – What is the degree of responsibility of an older brother for a younger brother?
  • Jewish Mysticism – Are there forces beyond what is visible to the naked eye?
  • Concepts – What is ‘possessed’?
  • Social pressure – What are the effects of social pressure and how can it be dealt with?