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This is the story of the unique relationship between Lisa and her adopted daughter, Luz.

Unable to have children, Lisa adopted Luz from Columbia when Luz was 3 months old. The bond between them is special and despite their differences, the two have built a home which is loving and strong.

Now 18 years old and troubled by questions of identity, Luz re-opens her adoption file while Lisa builds a home with her new husband.

A dramatic new development in their lives threatens to destroy all the old bonds, and forces Luz and her mother to confront the basic questions: What is a home? What is motherhood? And what is the meaning of a blood relationship?


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Director: Yael Kaniel
Producer: Yael Kaniel
Screenwriter: Yael Kaniel
Cinematographer: Amir Sheinbaum
Editor: Tamar Gan-zvi
  • Best Short Film – Int’l Haifa Film Festival


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