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The charismatic leader of a punk rock band, Ido is a talented musician, an outspoken teenager, and suddenly – devoutly religious.

Moving to the community of Beitar, he immerses himslef in Jewish study, while his family and friends try to cope with his dramamtic transformation.

Following Ido for a year, this film vividly expresses his inner growth – and the reactions of those in the secular world he has left behind.


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Director: Gili Goldschmidt
Screenwriter: Gili Goldschmidt
Cinematographer: Gili Goldschmidt
  • Jury Mention Award – Intl. Student Festival, Tel-Aviv


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IDO movie poster
0 customer reviews
  • What “becoming Orthodox” means for an
    individual and for the people around him/her?
  • Whether hardened religious/political/social beliefs in the family can be deconstructed and rebuilt without lasting damage or trauma?

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