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Twelve-year-old Roni is sent by her mother to a weight-loss summer camp for fat children – the “Full of Life” camp.

Roni, who is angry and rebellious, would normally find solace in the swimming pool, but the camp shares its pool with a professional children’s swim team, and Roni is ashamed to get in the water.

Here Roni meets the team champion Yotam, who hates swimming but has no choice but to compete. A gentle bond is formed between the children which gives Roni the confidence to come to terms with her weight.


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Director: Tamar Ben-Baruch
Producer: Tal Tavyomi
Screenwriter: Tamar Ben-Baruch
Cinematographer: Chaim Elbaum
Editor: Pazit Lichtman-Epstein
Cast: Miriam Kogan, Yishay Shuster, Yale Tzafrir
  • Best Short – Jerusalem Children Film Festival


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full of life movie poster
  • Who is “fat”? The overweight child and his/her body image.
  • Parental expectations of a child’s appearance.
  • How society treats those who are a little different from the norm?

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