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*Sexual assault*

16 year old Rotem, the only woman in a group of professional Thai boxers, is undergoing intensive training for the European championships. She becomes attracted to Roi, another boxer in the group, but after one date decides to cut the relationship short because he distracts her from her training.

Roi, handsome and arrogant, is used to having his own way, and doesn’t take kindly to Rotem’s decision.



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Director: Loren Trabelsi
Producer: Hila Katzin
Screenwriter: Loren Trabelsi
Cinematographer: Sapir Rokach
Editor: Hila Katzin Loren Trabelsi
Cast: Shir Cohen, Itay Guyer, Beny Cogan.
Sound Design: Mitch Clyman
Original Music: Hagai Glick
  • UFVF/Kodak Grant, Silver Award, USA 2019
  • Rising Star for Short Film, Jersey Shore Festival, USA
  • Film Critics Choice Award, Israel 2019


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FIGHT BACK movie poster
0 customer reviews

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