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A military ambulance is called to evacuate a seriously wounded young soldier and bring him to a helicopter pad where he will be taken to hospital. Aboard the ambulance is a staff of three young soldiers, one of whom is Karen, a young female paramedic on her first tour of duty.

Faced with life and death decisions in the ambulance, Karen will either succeed in bringing her emotions and fears under control – or fail, and be responsible for the death of a fellow soldier.


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Director: Hagai Adorian
Producer: Hodaya Altman
Screenwriter: Hagai Adorian
Cinematographer: Yonatan Shehoah
Editor: Hagai Adorian
  • Best Film – Maaleh Second Year Awards Ceremony


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  • Army – What is the mental cost of dealing with tragedies at such a young age, the
    age of enlistment?
  • Social pressure – What are the effects of social pressure and is it always harmful?
  • Stress – What is the right way to deal with stress?
  • Medicine – How can a doctor or paramedic be mentally prepared for his/her first
  • Medicine – How is smoke inhalation and intubation treated?
  • Women – female medic, are her challenges different from those of male medic?
  • Cinema – What do you think about the director’s choice to use a female character as
    the protagonist in a film based on his personal story?