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אישה וחייל מתווכחים, תמונה מתוך הסרט חסימות

The Conflict

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How is the friction between Jews and Arabs in Israel reflected in the camera?

In this Film Event we will not deal with politics or finding a solution, but will try to understand the conflict from the human and complex place in a country torn between the various “peace” camps. We will try to see through the camera how the individual citizen ultimately pays the price of war and terrorism.

During the presentation we will meet a young commander who has to deal with pressure from all directions at a dangerous checkpoint.

In addition, we will visit a supermarket where Jews and Arabs work together, but the PTSD of one of the workers gets in the way of the harmony.


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אישה וחייל מתווכחים, תמונה מתוך הסרט חסימות

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