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בחורה דתייה מדליקה נרות ואמא מביטה עליה

Shabbat Shalom… almost

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Shabbat dinner is always a happy, but sometimes the of a contentious family reunion. Sabbath-observers do not use their cell phones or watch television – so, what happens when a dispute arises and there is no escape until Shabbat ends?

In this Film Event we will talk about the family conflicts that can arise from the moment the Sabbath candles are lit. We will also explore some customs of the Jewish Sabbath: candle lighting, kiddush (prayer over wine) and havdalah.

During the presentation, in one film, we will meet 3 sisters who come to celebrate the Sabbath together with their widowed mother and discover the baggage that each one brings with her.

In another film, we’ll look into Kobi’s house where this IDF soldier’s father does not allow him to speak about his military service during the Sabbath.


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בחורה דתייה מדליקה נרות ואמא מביטה עליה

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