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Celebrating 75

How can you celebrate independence?

With a unique film experience that will provoke discussion about memory, difficult wars, and the beautiful and diverse face of the State of Israel. Each short film stands on its own or you can add a presentation by the film director and hear about the ‘behind the scenes’ of the making of the film.

Below are suggestions according to Israel’s special days. It is also possible to create a single film event that touches on all these occasions.

• Holocaust Remembrance Day

The Little Dictator / Rosenzweig Born to Dance / THE STRENGTH TO TELL


· Israel’s Memorial Day

Shell / Tofu / BARRIERS  / JEPHTAH’S DAUGHTER / 11 Minutes / Barriers


• Independence Day

GIVE IT BACK /  / Miriam / Tesefa /  / The Gravediggers Daughter / Getting Serious / WALL, CREVICE, TEAR / SUSHI, MEATBALLS & EVERYTHING / POP 30 / BEING COOPERMAN / REFLECTION


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