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Mika’s boyfriend Nati puts an end to the relationship when Mika proposes marriage.

Mika moves back home and becomes addicted to the ATARI video game still sitting in her childhood bedroom.
But going back to the past doesn’t heal Mika’s heartache. She will have to find another way of moving on.


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Director: Shira Billig
Producer: Ruchama Erenhalt
Screenwriter: Shira Billig
Cinematographer: Moshe Huri
Editor: Noam Lavy
  • Honorable Mention – Gold Coast Int’ Festival
  • VGIK Int’ Student Festival, Russia
  • Best actor – Centere Film Festival, USA
  • Best film – Ma’aleh 2019


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0 customer reviews
  • Relationships – Who should propose marriage – the woman or the man?
  • Masculinity / femininity – Does a woman who proposes marriage – hurt the “masculinity” of the man?
  • Nostalgia – What do we take with us at the crossroads of life? And how does it help us?
  • Cinema – What do you think about the choice to show different characters picking up the protagonist’s letters? How does this contribute to the cinematic message?
  • Cinema – Why does the protagonist so want her letters back, if in the end she throws them away?
  • Cinema – 2 men in the life of the protagonist – boyfriend and father. Why do you think the screenwriter chose to take the mother out of the picture?

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