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19 year old Shira is doing her National Service at a high school.

Annoyed that she has been given no serious responsibilities, she attempts to help a 14 year old student in crisis, and is forced to pay a price for her naivety.


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Director: Raaya Vardi Tabul
Producer: Yair Ariel Gefen Chen Zionׁ- ARIEL
Screenwriter: Raaya Vardi Tabul
Cinematographer: Amir Sheinbaum
Editor: Lihi Sabag
Cast: Lihi Avramson, Orian Avraham, Nava Bedina, Merav Gruber, Shira Kahana
Sound Design: Sharon Shama
Original Music: Sharon Shama
  • Social Award – Biluya maoz Fund


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girl at risk movie poster

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